Investment Law

MG Law investment lawyers assist clients in every step of their projects, working with them to find the structure meeting their regulatory, strategic, marketing and operational constraints best.

We are by your side during the entire time, helping you to implement your new strategies or to use new assets in light of the regulatory constraints, supporting you as you negotiate the regulatory wave and making sure you are appropriately alerted each time the new regulation impacts your fund or business model.

It is important you rely on specialists who understand your ideas, views, objectives and issues. This complementary approach is unique in Georgia. Together we offer legal advice combined with true operational benefits and efficient regulatory solutions.


  • Advice on structuring new funds
  • Helping private equity firms negotiate the terms on which investors contribute their money
  • Assistance with the preparation of partnership agreements
  • Drafting numerous organizational documents necessary to form an investment fund, including a private placement memorandum, a limited partnership agreement, or an operating agreement, and investor subscription agreements
  • Due diligence and negotiation of contracts
  • Advice on the constantly changing regulatory and compliance issues arising under the Georgian law


  • An investor on regulatory issues and launch of Georgian operations.

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