International Organizations

MG Law’s international affairs and organizations practice is dedicated to helping clients engage directly with International Financial Institutions (IFI), Export Credit Agencies (ECA), Bilateral Development Agencies and other international organizations. With substantive legal and policy experience and networks in business and governments in the Eastern European and CIS countries, MG Law offers clients comprehensive and sound advice. Our international affairs and organizations practice team aims to assist clients in their dealings with international institutions.

We provide clients with solutions to legal and business issues based on our extensive experience and knowledge of legislation, legislative procedure, regulatory and policy matters. Our team is composed of experienced policy professionals and lawyers committed to representing our clients’ interests. Our team analyzes client problems and goals comprehensively and strategically and develops the most practical and effective solutions.

Our practice includes both advisory and advocacy work on all aspects of international affairs. We advise governments and companies on issues such as:

Financing from IFIs, ECAs and other international organizations;
Partnerships with IFIs, ECAs and other international organizations;
Sovereign and corporate debt restructuring;
Sustainable Development Policies;
International investments;
FDI structure;
State contracts;
International organizations; and
Sanctions and trade embargoes.

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