Irakli Sokolovski delivered a seminar at TBC Bank: Managing Legal Relationship with Investors

Irakli Sokolovski, the Counsel at MG Law Office, advises clients on general corporate matters, local and cross-borders merger and acquisition transactions, complex commercial matters, foreign investments, venture capital financing and regulatory issues. He is experienced in analyzing national laws and regulations, drafting contractual frameworks and negotiating with potential investors and government authorities on public private partnerships.

Cooperation between MG Law Office and TBC Bank in the framework of the Project to Encourage Georgian Startups, Irakli Sokolovski held a seminar for representatives of startup businesses in Georgia. Most of the attendees were representatives of diverse industries, and members of freshly incorporated Georgian companies, who wish to attract investors and extend their business profile.

During the 3-hour seminar, Mr. Sokolovski expounded on the matters concerning corporate structure, corporate governance, financing instruments, as well as other crucial legal issues related to the startup ecosystem.

The issues discussed during the seminar included the following areas:

  • Types of the financing (SAFE, Convertible Loans, Series Seed, Series A, Series B and later rounds);
  • Type of stocks (common, preferred, convertible);
  • Financial valuation of the companies;
  • Liquidation preferences;
  • Anti-dilution provisions;
  • Governance and protective provisions;
  • Transfer restrictions; and
  • Major documents used in course of financing (Term Sheet, Share Purchase Agreement, Shareholders Agreement, etc.).

Read the full article in Georgian here.

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